Well, I thought it was about time I let you all see the "Kitty Lair".

We have a 5 bedroom home, 2 of the rooms have been turned into kitty rooms and nurseries.

The other 2 house our pair of Greenwing macaws and our Lovebirds and Parrotlets.

We have 2 bedrooms upstairs that have been turned into kitty/nursery rooms for Moms' to

relax in a nice quiet environment if they want.

Otherwise they have nests in our bedroom closets if they prefer.

The babies spend about 3 weeks in the nest and then we put up the baby gates and give them

a larger safe place to explore. After that they move to the kitten living room downstairs. They

have everything a kitten could possibly want to play with plus, Mom is there to teach them

daily living and to play with them.

At about 7 weeks they get the run of the house and it isn't long before they find the stairs to

play on and our bedroom.

The babies all love to play on our bed, there is a ramp for easy access.

This is our home.

All of the windows upstairs are the kitty rooms.

This is my husband Mike being used as a kitty tower.

This is the kitty living room.

The babies get the run of this room until they figure out how to climb over the gate, then it's the entire house to explore.

This is the human living room. The kitties like to play on the couches and try to get the Dart frogs in the vivarium.

This is Chiku the African Grey.

He imitates the kitten cries so well that he sends me running looking for a baby thinking one is crying, then he laughs at me.

A close up of Bling Bling, Bonnie and Clyde having a nice quiet nap.

This is one of the nursery rooms.

Nadira prefers to be in a nursery room with her babies. I put a blanket down so the babies can walk easily without slipping on the hardwood floor.

She is retired now and living the high life.

Another play room with a great view, temporary pool and a tv for kitty videos.

There will be a kiddy pool this Summer, I couldn't find one in Winter.

A nice quiet nursery room with a water fountain and a lot of places to hide and sleep.
The crew "helping" me make their raw chicken diet.