I would love to hear from my babies new "parents", please feel free to leave me updates on how the little one is fitting in to your family.

Your comments will come to my e mail and I will post them on this page.

Thank you to all of my new "Parents" for giving my babies great new homes full of love and snuggles.


Hi Kathy  Thank you so much for our black smoke male Persian Ziggy Dew. He's so alert and smart, he just melts our hearts. He's healthy and you're absolutely the best breeder out there. He was pre-spoiled and very well socialized. He made himself at home so quickly, I was impressed. Thank you for emailing and always responding to my questions, my emails and calls so timely. Even after Ziggys home, I know if I have any questions I can come to you. To all Persian kitten buyers I would recommend Kathy Venn all the way. I would only go to La Bella Luna Persians in the future. I just enjoyed the weekly photos of my kitten, the weekly changes the kitten was making. You truly love these kitten babies and we are blessed to have gotten Ziggy by you we are grateful to have Ziggys love.
Thank you Kathy    Michelle

Kathy, Matt and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful kitten that we got. I am so glad that family decided to be allergic. Gizmo has brought to much joy and entertainment to us and Mya. He definitely has a great personality and we would not give him up for anything. I cannot wait to get another kitten from you someday (Bengal). If anyone I ever run into is looking for a persian I would definately recommend you.
Hello Kathy,First I would like to say thank you to you for raising such outstanding and affordable Persian kittens.Toby has been with us for a little over 2 weeks now and he is such a happy kitten.He follows me all over the house.It is so funny when I am laying in bed and he pounces all over me.He is starting to warm up to the other pets and wants to play with them.He is truly one spoiled kitten.I took him to the vet the other day for his distemper shot and we were there about 45 minutes cause everyone wanted to hold him.I thank you so much for taking the time and working with each and every kitten you have.I will send pictures from time to time of Toby.Thanks again! Kay
We bought a wonderful persian cat from you last year for our son and he was the best investiment that we have made. I really loved the fact that if my wife she had any questions all that she had to do is give you a call and you would be proud to help her that could be also why we have such a good cat she had alot of questions. We think that since we got one wonderful cat for our son we can do it again for our other son it would make a wonderful present for both our boys.
Hi..Abby had her second doctor's visit today. She's up to 2 lbs.; had her distemper shot and second dewormer. She's doing just super. Since Ron "put her down on the floor" she has learned she can run really fast, climb and jump. She has bonded with Ron, usually sleeps on his head most of the night. She's settled in quite nicely and pretty much runs the house. We took her on her first outing to the Harley shop after the vet and everyone held her and thought she was so pretty. She really likes everyone.
Went to the Vet Monday.  The Vet picked her up, felt her body, looked at her teeth, looked at her ears, weighed her (1.6) lbs....she told me that it surprised her to see this quality of kitten from a breeder.  Her body formation was perfect, her hind legs were muscular, her bite (supposedly extremely important) was excellent.  That I had gotten a beautiful, healthy and social kitten.  Cloud walked right up to the assistant and let her pet her. I combed her out this morning and she puffed up like a cotton ball.

Hi Kathy,
We will never be able to thank you enough for all the attention before, during and after adopting our gorgeus baby Sophia. Thank you for answering all our questions, and thank you for your patience and support since day one. We can tell you really love this babies and take good care of them.
Sophia is our little spoiled princess. She is our first and only pet, she gets a lot attention. We love everything about Sophia, she has a great playfull at the same time sweet personality. The extra long ticklish wiskers, soft fur and a loud purr are the perfect ingredients for a good snuggle. We are blessed to have her. She brings so much joy into our lives.
Thank you again for our wonderful baby.
Pedro and Rafaela


    I would like to start out by saying you are one of a kind with a heart of gold! When we decided we wanted a kitten to join our family I had set my mind to find a breeder who cared for their kittens as if they were their own, this became no easy task and consumed many hours of searching and phone conversations.

   Then by accident I came a crossed a website “” and I spent hours on this beautiful site with so many happy families. I knew in my heart I had finally found a person who cared for her babies and who the adoptive parents would be.

   From the first e-mail I received from you to the last you made me feel like I was the only person you were dealing with as far as adopting one of your beautiful babies, I received weekly pictures of Tabitha and progress reports from day one. Both you Kathy and your husband Mike bent over backwards to make everything so perfect in the arrival of Tabitha at my home!

   Tabitha has the sweetest personality I have ever seen. She is the happiest kitten in the neighborhood, she purrs constantly unless she is sleeping which isn’t very often, and when she does she must sleep on my chest with her whiskers rubbing against my face. She has the ability to balance herself on a ball and can actually run sideways down the hall, while playing she will actually jump straight up in the air like a Halloween cat and she also has a habit of doing flips in the air so we renamed her “Tabitha Boo”. She loves anyone who enters our home but still has her favorites.

  I would recommend you to everyone I know who is looking for a new fur baby to become a member of their family. I have never been as happy as I am with Tabitha; she is one of a kind that came from a one of a kind family. Tabitha has brought so much joy and constant laughter to our home; she is not a cat but a member of our family.

Thank You So So Much,

Donna & Tabitha Boo


Thank you SO much for my little Coconut! She is the most beautiful, well-behaved kitty I have ever had. She knows the right times to play and when she should relax. She does have quite a loud purr, but I love it! She snuggles with my husband and I every night, and during the day she always wants to be right next to us, snuggling...the one quality I look for in a great cat! I have heard of so many cats, especially Persians, being very skiddish that I was a little nervous to see what she was going to be like. She is quite the opposite of skiddish, and I am sure it is because of all the love and affection you give the babies from birth until they meet their new parents! I can't thank you enough for taking care of my little baby until for me until she was old enough to come home.

To prospective parents:
Kathy is the BEST breeder out there! I searched and searched the internet to try and find the "perfect" kitten, thinking there was not such thing. To tell you the truth, there really is no such thing as the perfect kitten. There is, however, a perfect breeder, and Kathy is it! She gives the babies love, attention, and spoils them rotten from day one until they are ready for you to pick them up. If you ever have any questions, she is right there to answer them for you. She gives you updated pictures of your kitten weekly so you can see the progress they are making. When it is time for your new kitten to go home, Kathy sends a care package home with you to help get you started. I have heard of quite a few breeders who just want to get the kittens out of their house as quick as possible and could care less what happens to them afterwards. You can tell that Kathy loves these babies. I brought my Coconut to the vet to get her shots (unregistered kittens don't come with t heir shots) and the vet was extremely surprised at how healthy Coconut was. He said that usaully they have issues with their teeth as well as some other things (all minor), but there was nothing wrong with Coconut. I know that she was so healthy because of the great care Kathy takes of the mommas and the babies. If you are looking for a GREAT kitten and a GREAT breeder....La Bella Luna Persians is the only place I will recommend. I won't get a kitten from anyone else!!!! 

John & I want to thank you for taking such good care of our Frankie the first 2 months of his life. He has the best personality and has made himself at home with our other two doll-faced Persians. He is like the energizer bunny one minute, eating like he's starving the next and then suddenly falls asleep on my slipper. And for such a little boy he has a very loud purr. We feel so lucky to have him!
Thank you so much,
Angela Jacobson

Dear Kathy,

Stitch is such a treasure, we love him so much!!!

We recently lost our oldest kitty at 17.  We were heartbroken and wondered if we could possibly find a kitty as sweet.  I decided to search for a breeder on the internet and after looking at probably a 100 sites, I found Kathy.  I liked her obvious love for the kittens and that she only raised a few kittens at a time in her home.  Kathy so understood the loss and that our cats are our children, she is the same way. 

 Kathy has been wonderful and she so loves all the babies.  If I were a cat, I’d want to live at Kathy’s, they have all the love, toys and fun they could want!  She gets right back to you right away and is very helpful with tips and suggestions.  She updates you every week with new pictures and how your baby is doing.  All of our friends watched him grow up online.  Everyone says how beautiful he is!  She also gives you a wonderful DVD with pictures of your baby growing up, treats and toys for your new kitty

 Our Stitch is a beautiful blue Persian.  He is 12 weeks old today.  He is so sweet, well mannered and he needed no training at all.  We showed him where his food and litter box where and he just uses them as if he always lived here.

He is such a blessing and we keep calling him our angel kitty.  He has the sweetest personality and literally comes running and greets us at the door when we get home.  He has slept with us between our pillows ever since his first night with us.  He follows us and is always in the same room, if not sitting on us.  I came home to rest from the dentist today and woke up with him nose to mine purring, such a doll!  Thank you Kathy!

 Laura and Mark Stein


Hi Kathy,

I wanted to give you an update on Potter. He is almost 1 year now!! What a GREAT cat he turned out to be. He is absolutely beautiful.  Plus, he’s such a “cool” guy.  Potter likes to sleep on his back and do the silliest things.  He is always making us laugh.  He’s always friendly and loves to hang out with the family.  We couldn’t have asked for a better cat.  Thank you SO much for bringing him into the world.  I couldn’t imagine our home without little Potsie.  You have a good thing going. Good luck with your future kittens.



I just recently got a beautiful white doll face persian from Kathy. I discovered her website just simply browsing the internet for persian breeders in Minnesota. I found Kathy's website about 6 months before I even decided I wanted a kitten. I had a persian for ten wonderful years and he was my first pet ever! When he passed last Christmas from health problems I was devastated and didn't think I could ever go through the pain of losing a pet again! I finally decided to inquire with Kathy, and she made me feel so much better and shared her stories of losing pets too. She made me feel so much better and told me all about her site and her kittens. I really wanted one just after her first email to me, and plus, as you can see, her website is absolutely adorable. The day finally came when I was able to pick out the lovely kitten I had chosen and he has brought so much joy and love to my home and family! I strongly recommend Kathy to anyone interested in getting a kitten. The kittens are not only adorable, but they are so well trained and cared for that when you pick them up, they automatically steal your heart! If you have an concerns or questions whatsoever, Kathy has an answer and is so reassuring! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments. I have to say Kathy and her husband Mike are the best! I am already recommending her to all my friends! 

Thanks Kath! 

Hi Kathy - I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that we just LOVE our Bella. She is just everything we wanted in a new kitten - she is easy-going, loving, cuddly and such a nice personality. She has easily made the adjustment to our home and thank you for raising such a sweetheart. 

Kim & David

Well I got my first most sweet angel In April this year. She brings so much Love. This is my second trip up north to meet Kathy. I'm picking up two boys and one little girl, So my cat family is growing to four. I said it before and I'll say it again I wont get another cat unless its from Kathy my babys first mom. I'v talked to Kathy any time on many things she always has time to help. There is no better Persian site THANK YOU Kathy 


Kathy ~ It's the Jennissen family! We wanted to personally thank you for Jackson. He is wonderful and as the only pet here, he definitely gets plenty of attention! I have something to share with you...Rylee our 22-month old baby girl---no longer the baby---*smiles* absolutely LOVES Jackson. We definitely could not have found a better playmate! Jackson and Rylee play for a good hour entertaining one were right when you said he is the rough play one out of the bunch. He is very energetic and SO loving. I will be emailing you a video clip of Rylee and Jackson playing, it's so cute! All I hear is jingling and giggling, which brings a smile to our faces, and I'm sure yours, as well. He enjoys being brushed, playing, and he is seriously everywhere I am! Whether I'm working online, he is sitting right in front of me next to my monitor, or cooking dinner he is in the kitchen, and even when I'm giving Rylee a bath, yep, he is in the bathroom! We love him and want to let you know he is VERY spoiled! We bought him his own kitty condo, however he is more interested in sleeping wherever we are, whether its in with Rylee or with us. What a lucky kitty, and what a lucky family we are to have him!

Thanks much! Keep in touch!

Hi Kathy, just a little note to let you know that Isis has adapted well to our home, and is quite the little attention getter. we took her to the vet and everyone had to come see her, plus the pictures I have of her on my cell phone get shown to a lot of people. We have recommended you to several people, and would recommend you and your kittens to anyone and everyone. I feel the attention and hands on upbringing you give these kittens gives them the loving, calm temperament they have. Thank you so much for our little addition, she is wonderful!! 

I would like to thank Kathy for taking great care of our new kitten. Fluffy is doing great, he loves his new home and has a special place in our hearts. He is a very playful kitten, he sleeps by me and never leaves the bed until I get up. He follows us around the house and likes to be played with. Every morning Fluffy wants his milk (glop formula from Kathy). He is so used to having us give it to him that he runs right behind and stands by the fridge waiting. When no one is at home or when he doesn't see us he meows... if we don't start talking to him he runs and hides behind a couch. When he sees us he comes back out. Fluffy loves tummy tickles and he does lots of purring for us. We love him. I definitely recommend that who ever is looking for a Persian kitten to go and see Kathy.
Hi Kathy, Bella made the trip back just fine, after Phyllis took her out of the cage, and let her snuggle in her arms. She quickly fell asleep, and before she knew it she was to  her new home. She slept on top of our heads on the pillow last night. Not a peep out of her. She is adjusting just great. The other cats we have, are baffled by this new little kitty. Bella is not a bit intimidated by them, and they in turn have accepted Bella into their fold. I've got a great shot of Bella, sleeping with her now sister Snickers. She is a red tabby Persian. Bella's personality is FANTASTIC!! Nice job you guys. The bag you packed to go home with Bella is really a nice touch. The kitties love the new toys, and the info contained was great. Thanks again, and we'll stay in touch. I would highly recommend your cattery to anyone looking for a great looking Persian, with a personality to match. There are quite a few cattery's that put out great colors, but the personality's stink. Bella is fantastic looking, and has personality plus!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Kathy,

Pilsner is doing absolutely great. He spent most of Saturday exploring his new pad. he even found his "special" place, under a dresser. He loves to sleep under there! We used the recipe card enclosed in the gift bag and made up a batch of GLOP. Pilsner has been eating that, as well as some dry food. He has done great with his litter box and hasn't had a single accident. As Andrew and I's only pet, he is definitely going to be spoiled! We truly appreciate everything you have done, like letting us visit Pilsner on the weekends. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a great pet!
Hi my name is Jill I haven't got my baby yet. Her name is Prism. Kathy is great and so is her website. She keeps in touch with the new parents nite and day. If I could find a major place on the internet to tell people that if you are looking for a new family member this is the place. There is NO BETTER WEBSITE. Ill NEVER get another cat unless its through Kathy. Love you Kathy Thank you sooooo much.
Well I now have Prism safe and sound in Tn. She made a 14 hr trip like a pro. Shes so smart and loving. This is all Kathys doing. Its how she raises her babies. They love people, are quick to learn,and love, love, demand attention. She siting in my arms as I write this and is purring away. My husband and I think shes special and so is Kathys angels. Take it from me shes the breeder to go to. We did. We came all the way from Tn. I would do it again in a heart beat. Thanks again Kathy
We've had Potter for about three weeks now; he's amazing! He is a happy, playful, loving kitty and gets along great with our other cat and two dogs. Thanks Kathy for raising such a wonderful kitten.
Finn, is now a happy member of the Hamer household, he is such a well socialized kitten, nothing seems to bother him.
You have that special touch it takes to raise a happy healthy kitten.
It's funny how I came across your web site, I was just looking, little did I know I'd see your kittens and fall in love!
We enjoyed meeting you and your family, it is very easy to see your love and passion for all animals not just cats.
I love looking at your web site and watching your new kittens growing, they will make some family very happy like Finnley did us!
We hope to stay in touch with you,
Kelly, Hal & Finn.