You will be adding a new baby to your family that will be with you for years to come.

These notes will help you make the transition from my home to yours much easier.

Your baby will be eating Blue Wilderness canned kitten food 3-4 times a day. I would keep the baby on canned food for life, but if you don't want to do that, transition them over slowly to dry at about 6 months. They need the good nutrition and calories from kitten food for at least 6 months.

I feed Blue Wilderness cat and kitten dry.

Baby will just be beginning to try the dry food when you take him/her home.

I leave the dry food out 24/7 so they can snack whenever they are hungry. I feed the canned food about
8 A.M. 12 P.M. 4 P.M. and 8 P.M. approximately. If there are other cats in the house I suggest mixing the Blue Wilderness dry with store bought kitten food. My adults will eat the entire bowl of Blue Wilderness if I don't mix it.

I also feed raw chicken, boneless skinless thigh, chopped up. I have a recipe for a raw mix with supplements, If you are interested in this, please let me know and I will send you the recipe.

Adding a new kitten to your home can be a very rewarding or frustrating experience. It depends on how you plan ahead for the new member of your family. Think of the first three weeks as the transition period before you start expecting them to feel really at home in your environment.

A) Purchase the same brand of food the kitten is used to eating so you won't upset it's stomach by changing the diet suddenly.

B) Have the litter box ready.

C) Have the food and water set up and ready.


Why a small room? Well imagine that you have always lived in the same pace and have NEVER left there. You know your litter mates, mother and your people. You know exactly where to find your food, fresh water and litter box.

NOW, imagine strange people come and take you away from everything you have ever known and drop you in the middle of a big strange house. Wouldn't you be a little afraid? Sure! Would you know automatically where to find your food, water and litter box? Of course not! You might run and hide under furniture or in a dangerous location like behind the refrigerator. The new people yell for you to get out from under the couch and reach for you and drag you out. You will get scared and hiss or scratch them.

NOW, imagine being placed in a small quiet room with food you are used to, fresh water and a litter box, all easy to find. You are given time to explore your new space. You see that your new people mean you no harm because every time they come in and you they sit quietly and talk to you sweetly, pet you and play with you. In a day or two, maybe less, you are ready for them to leave the door open so you can start to explore the rest of the house at your own pace.

PLEASE, set up a small room, bedroom or bathroom. Remove anything that could hurt the kitten...soap, electrical cords, razors, glass etc. and be sure to close the toilet lid. Your kitten will probably cry when left alone, because it is calling for it's litter mates. When  it comes to you when you come for a visit, it is ready to be allowed to explore the rest of the house at it's own pace.

IF YOU HAVE OTHER CATS AND OR DOG, you will need to plan for a slow introduction.Please keep your new kitten away from the other animals for a few days. This gives the kitten time to begin eating well and become confident with you and it's new space. It also allows your other pets to get used to the smell of the new kitten. Do not force the animals together, please monitor their time together. Don't leave the kitten alone even with the sweetest dog. Accidents can and will happen. When you leave the house put the kitten back in its room.

ALWAYS supervise children with the kitten. They can and will jump out of arms and could easily break a leg. Another thing I like to warn kitten buyers about is an open dryer door. It's a nice warm place to take a snooze until Mom comes along and throws a load of clothes in and hits the start button.  ALWAYS CLOSE THE DRYER DOOR!! One last thing is cords on blinds, make sure they are up and out of the way.

Thank you for taking time to read this, it is all very important information.