This glop formula is my personal favorite, my kittens and adults all love it. When you start cooking this, they will be by your feet waiting for a taste.

There are times when it can be handy to have glop recipes available to aid in caring for your cats. Most obviously, when you have very young kittens that the Queen is unable to feed. Queens in late stages of pregnancy and nursing need a lot of nutrition. This formula provides calcium and electrolytes and will entice her to eat. Older cats that may be in poor health or have gum or tooth problems can eat this easily.

This formula is great for weaning the kittens to solid food. Simply start adding a bit of soft kitten food to the glop and they will learn how to lap it up. Gradually add more soft food every few days until they are eating only canned kitten food. When the time comes to try dry food, I recommend Royal Canin Babycat, warm the glop, mix in some dry and let it soak a bit.

La Bella Luna Formula

1 - 12 oz. KMR - Kitten Replacement Milk 
     (you can substitute Evaporated Milk)

2 - 12 oz. cans Goat's Milk

1 - pkg. Knox Gelatin

2 - Tablespoons real Mayonnaise

2 - Tablespoons Plain Yogurt

1 - teaspoon Karo Syrup

2 - Jars Chicken or Turkey Baby Meat

Bring the milk to a boil, add gelatin and stir to dissolve, remove from heat. Add the other ingredients and stir with a whisk, the mayonnaise will rise to the top and be a bit lumpy.

This makes a lot of formula, it can be frozen. I freeze it in pint containers and scoop out whatever I need and defrost in the microwave. It is very convenient, if you only have one kitten, to freeze it in ice cube trays. Use one cube at a time and defrost on high for 25 seconds, stir, and heat again if necessary, until warm.

If you are bottle feeding newborns, this should be thinned a bit. A Queens milk starts out thin and changes as the kittens grow, to be richer and thicker.

When you are bottle feeding make sure the hole in the nipple is not too small or too large. The nipples usually come without a hole, I use a heated needle and put 3 holes in the nipple. Shake the bottle upside down, if drops come out without flowing, it is perfect. If the hole is too large, the kitten could aspirate on the milk, if too small, it will work too hard trying to eat and get nothing. It is better to under-feed than feed them too much.

Do not hold the kitten upright, let her lie on her stomach and reach up for the nipple. She will probably resist, squeeze a few drops out and put the nipple in her mouth, she should get the idea to suckle. Be sure to burp the baby, let it lie on it's tummy and gently pat it's back.

I have used this method and formula to aid kittens that were losing weight, and within a week they were nursing on their own and gaining weight. They just needed a little boost, this formula is high in calories and helps put on weight.

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If you have abandoned newborns or young kittens that need a lot of special care, PLEASE, go to Jeri Dopp's website. The information on these pages is priceless when it comes to caring for newborns that don't have their mom to care for them.